Heaven on Earth
Just for Being

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Camille Moritz

Revelator, Activator
Way-Shower, Spiritual Medium
Restorer of Divine Light

As a Spiritual Healer and Facilitator of Unlimited Potential for Health, Wholeness, and Well-Being. Regeneration, Restoration and Spontaneous Healing may be experienced through DNA Light Activation, Cellular Healing and Clearing the Souls Records. Much healing occurs through the Light of Divine Mother as Spiritualization of Matter. 

Get the Spiritual Support
You've Been Seeking​

Camille’s work with you may include the following:

  • Vibrational and energetic healing sessions, which may include Reiki, crystal healing (laying on of stones), Essential oils, and chakra balancing.
  • Past life revelation, healing and clearing.
  • Transformational Healing sessions with Etheric Clearing, and DNA Activation.
  • Affirmative Prayer and Activations. 

The Book

Heaven on Earth Just for Being

Only love is real.

This book is an ascension manual heralding the golden age of enlightenment.

Its purpose is to activate the divinely intended plan of heaven on earth, and to restore each being’s intended birthrights as divinely powerful, loving, and peace-conscious co-creators of heaven on earth.

This occurs magically and easily, just for being.

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