This is an ascension manual heralding the golden age of enlightenment, activating the divinely intended plan of heaven on earth and restoring each being's intended birthrights as divinely powerful, loving, and peace-conscious co-creators of heaven on earth, magically and easily, just for being. Only love is real.

Camille Moritz is a Revelator, Activator, Way-Shower, Spiritual Medium and Restorer of Divine Light.

As a Spiritual Healer and Facilitator of Unlimited Potential for Health, Wholeness, and Well-Being. Regeneration, Restoration and Spontaneous Healing may be experienced through DNA Light Activation, Cellular Healing and Clearing the Souls Records. Much healing occurs through the Light of Divine Mother as Spiritualization of Matter. 

As a Revelator of Light and Truth, Spiritual Messages or Wisdom from beyond the physical dimension may be revealed. Camille has a vast intuitive awareness and ability to deliver messages, codes, symbols and information from Multi-Dimensional Realms. Spiritual Messages may be delivered from Cosmic, Celestial, Elemental, Animals, Angels, Guides and Loved ones who have passed over. Camille hears answers, and so ask Questions.

Camille is known for sharing transformational  “tools” that facilitate Self-Mastery, Personal Empowerment, Spiritual Psychic Development and Enlightenment.

  • Discerning Truth, Trusting Inner Guidance, Healing the Sacred Heart, Fulfilling Divine Purpose
  • Conscious Co-Creation and Manifestation, Co-Creating Heaven on Earth, With Ease, Just for Being, through Deliberate Conscious Intent, Sound, Voice, Frequency and Affirmative Formulas.
  • Removing Obstacles for Success, Experience Daily Freedom, Joy, Peace, Purposeful Life and Relationships
  • Multi-Dimensional Living, Restoring the Fullness of Magical Life and Magical Being
  • Stepping off the Wheel of Karma; Clearing Karma and Liberating the Soul of all Karmic Debt and energetics of slavery. Violet Flame Transmutation of all bondage.
  • Lifting the Veils of Illusion, Past-Life Recall, Clearing, Healing and disentanglement from all karmic groups, contracts, vows or troubling relationships in the now

Born with the clairvoyant gift of Revelation, Appointed by Spirit with the title of “Divine Revelator” Camille Moritz is a Revealer of Divine Truth.  As a sponsor of Divine Mother, Record Keepers, Camille’s mission is to call forth all to be revealed, healed and restored in Divine Justice, Truth, Light and Peace. May Just Life Prevail as Heaven On Earth, With Ease, Just for Being.  Only love is real. 

Heaven on Earth, Just for Being Is the DIVINE PLAN.

We are now living in The Golden Age of Enlightenment.  Our Golden Potential to be Unlimited Beings with Unlimited Potential is being restored for all souls.

All is intended to happen through prayer, Invocation, affirmation, claiming, and requesting or asking source from the sacred heart. And it does so due to our Inherent Value as divine sacred worthy and imperfectly perfect Co-Creator Beings. Ask and it will manifest in form.... JUST FOR BEING!!!