Healing the Sacred Heart

Earth = Heart

Affirmative Conscious Co-Creation Formulas for Manifesting Heaven on Earth. Empowering our Divinely Intended, Free, Sovereign, Individualized, Unlimited, Unified, Sacred, Purified Being of Light. Restoring the Divine Plan, With Ease Just for Being.  Heaven is Now Planet Earth.  With guidance from the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms…

Restoring our Sacred Dominion, The fullness of ones intended birthrights and sacred power to live free as an Individualized expression of Unified Love. Balance the three-fold sacred heart flame.  Begin the practice of Divine Detachment as a free sovereign being. Heal the wounds of separation. Claim ones Divinely Intended Birthrights as Co-Creator of Heaven on Earth, Just for Being.

Light Activation Playbook:
“Trust the Sacred ~ The Sacred Trust”

Removing Obstacles for Success

Removing Obstacles & Clearing Spiritual Contracts, Past-Lives, Curses, Karmic-Records & Mortal Wounds.


Rainbow Fire Ascension Retreats

Multi-Dimensional 2 or 3 day retreats for Activation, Regeneration, and Restoration of Wholeness. Heaven On Earth, Just For Being!  

Example of activities in the two day retreat are as follows:

Building the Rainbow Bridge, Activating the Solar Light Body
Rainbow Bridge DNA Light Activation Meditation, Crystal Gridding for Ascension, Essential Oils & Toning for Ascension, Affirmations for Ascension, Geometry for Ascension with Shapes Preferential Test

Potluck Spirit Sharing
Please bring colorful rainbow food and drink to share that is nourishing, comforting, healing and of course delicious.

Spirit Speak Mediumship
Each attendee will receive Divine Messages from the Spirit World.  Messages may be from Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, Ancestors, the Elemental World and those who have passed over.

EARTH = HEART, Crystalline Heart of One, Merging of the Flames, Clearing and unifying the threefold nature of Eternal Being in temporary human form
Removing unconscious obstacles for earth ascension. Restoring the Upgraded Divine Plan in the Now. Claiming Individualized Co-Creators Superpowers.  Out-Picturing Heaven on Earth, Just for being.

Violet Flame Ceremony and Restoring Divinely Ordered Life through Group Affirmation
Group Violet Flame Interactive Mediation to Clear the Collective Consciousness of Unjust Life and Suffering. With a focus on restoring the Divinely Intended Life Force or Three Sacred Fires of Eternal Being.  Please bring rattles for clearing and activating.

Group Clearing and Past-Life Revelation Shamanic Drumming, Journeying, Layouts and Sound Healing.

Rainbow Fire Ascension Facilitators Facilitated by Talented Multi-Dimensional Rainbow Fire, Intuitive Practitioners.

Violet Flame Transmutation

Please join Revelator Camille Moritz as she shares an Affirmative Process to clear our multi- dimensional being of spiritual contracts, illness, cellular memories, past life’s and obstacles for successful living and divine liberation.

 Through guided imagery and dialogue with our Divine Self we will REVEAL; Knowledge of our Soul’s Divine Purpose and Intended Plan. Current and past unconsciousness energies binding us from success. Affirmative Formulas and transformative processes to Clear blockages and Activate our Fullest Expression of Divine Self.  Messages from the Devic Realm, and Goddesses of the Karmic Board. Please bring a pen, paper and a desire to liberate your Being!

Chakra Balancing & Vibrational Healing with Crystals, Essential Oils, & Sound

Crystal Healing is a powerful healing modality that can complement many therapeutic techniques such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Massage, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Daily Wellbeing. Class participants will learn how to balance the chakra’s through using crystals and vibrational healing tools.  Participants will both give and receive a Crystal Balancing Session. Learn how to set up a “Reiki Grid” for Distance Healing. Learn methods of Divine Revelation to clear the Body Temple, of illness, distress & pain. Restore the Body Temple to Wholeness, Comfort & Health. Participants are asked to bring; Crystals they might have, toning instruments such as rattles, drums, prayer bowls, and tuning forks. These items are not needed to attend. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a snack for self and others.

Violet Flame Ceremony: Divine Liberation, llumination & Activation

A Sacred White Fire Ceremony, purging the cosmos of all bondage, suffering, & disease. We will Claim our Cosmic Heritage & Activate our Unified Infinite Eternal Being, through the Universal Power of the ONE Illuminated Sacred Heart. Through ceremony, affirmations, toning and intention we will liberate, Mother Gaia, Ourselves, Sentient and Elemental Beings. Activating light codes of the 5th Dimensional Earth easing into New Paradigm Co-Creating Heaven on Earth.  Please bring toning instruments, drums, rattles and sacred items for the Alter.  You may also want to bring a list of items to free in the Fire Ceremony. Sponsored by Divine Mother & Goddesses of the Karmic Board of records.  Each participant mayl receive a personal and universal message from the Goddesses of the Divine Karmic Board.  Listed as follows, Great Divine Director,  Goddess of Liberty,  Ascended Master Lady Nada,  Elohim Cyclopea, Ascended Master Lady Portia Goddess of Justice, Kuan Yin Goddess of Mercy, andVajrakilya,  spokesman of the five Dyanin Buddhas.

Envision Divine Life Now Vision Boarding

Conscious Co-Creation Formulas, Manifesting Heaven on Earth in the Now

Creating a vision board (a visual representation of your highest desires), learn conscious co-creation formulas and collectively begin to create the New Paradigm of Heaven on Earth in the NOW.  Please bring magazines to cut and scissors.  Poster-board  is recommended. You might also like to bring photos or images of yourself, family, what god represents to you and anything your heart most desires. We will create personal vision boards and a Cosmic-Global Vision Board to activate, and bring into tangible form the Highest Divinely Intended Ideas.  Handouts will be provided sharing Conscious Co-Creation Formulas to guarantee Divine Success and Liberation for our Multi-Dimensional Being.  Bring Drums, Rattles to activate OUR VISION of DIVINE LIFE NOW.  Bring food and drink to share.


Mastery of the Rays: Co-Creating Gaia’s Rainbow Bridge Light Activation Workshop

Explore the 7 Rays of Spirit and begin to Master each Ray Lesson. Explore the Spiritual Truths and Divine Frequencies of the Rays. Learn about and receive messages from the Ascended Masters and Angels of the Rays. Learn about the 12 Solar Aspects of Deity and the Twelve Cosmic Hierarchies of the Sun.  Co-Create Our Unified Column of Light.  Become the Rainbow!

Multi-dimensional Archetypal Tarot

JOURNEY THROUGH THE TREE OF LIFE, Exploring the Tarot through Archetypal Systems

This workshop will focus on learning about the 22 Universal life lessons, as taught through the Tree of Life, from a Jungian Archetypal perspective. It will add an additional dimension to traditional Divinatory Tarot, by helping one to become in touch with how the 22 Universal Spiritual Lessons (represented by the 22 major arcane cards) appear and repeat themselves through out your life’s personal journey.  This method emphasizes use of the tarot, numerology, and archetypal systems to identify current life themes and lessons for yourself and loved ones.  Day One will focus on the Archetypal lessons. Day two will create a, Living Tarot with group intention.  Using a traditional Celtic Spread, the class will set group intent, and spread the cards.  Each individual will stand in a card position and speak as if they are this card.  This process is a wonderful exploratory experience helping you to gain confidence with your own Tarot abilities. 

Needed Materials: Tarot Card’s (I use the Thoth cards) A more traditional deck is needed for this class, in order to lay out the archetypal spreads. A traditional deck will have 22 major arcane cards, and 4 suites (78 cards).  Examples are the Waite Rider, or Swiss Pocket Crowley deck.  

Useful Materials:The Tarot Handbook, Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols, by Angeles Arrien. A Basic Numerology Book, such as Glynis has Your Number, or any other. Tarot Dictionary and Compendium, by Jana Riley. Paper and Pen. Any other comparison reference charts that that work with vibratory numbers and patterns, such as the charkas, astrology etc.