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Magical Revelations Gathering - Rainbow Fire Ascension Play-Shops for the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

  • 59-121 Paumalu Pl, Haleiwa, Oahu, 96712 (map)

Julie Dahl, Hostess. 808-661-9988

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$55/Event at Door

Saturday, 01-16-2016. 11-2 pm.
The Upgraded Divine Plan in the Now. Place your own Crystals, or sacred objects in the Unified Peace Grid. Set a Unified Intention to Activate and Restore Eternal Peace & Divine Understanding in the Hearts and Minds of all Sentient Beings as One Love. One-Heart Drumming Journey with YaMaNa, the Sacred Heart Beat of One. Transmuting Mother Earth Elementals of the records of trauma. Restoring Heaven On Earth.

Sunday, 01-17-2016. 11-2 pm.
EASY GOLDEN AGE PLAY-BOOK, DAILY PLAYS FOR ENLIGHTENING LIFE. “All is intended to happen through prayer, Invocation, affirmation, claiming, and requesting or asking source from the sacred heart. And it does so due to our Inherent Value as divine sacred worthy and imperfectly perfect Co-Creator Being's. Ask and it will manifest in form.... JUST FOR BEING!!!” Daily Plays for an Enlightening Life of Heaven on Earth. With Ease, Just for Being.


Saturday 1-16-2016, & Sunday 1-17-2016, 3 to 7pm

Pay readers at session

Magical Revelations, Mini-Psychic & Intuitive Healing Fair

Intuitive Healers and Readers of the ARCTIC. Oracles of Truth, Private Sessions available in Oahu 1-15 to 1-18 2016. Call to schedule. Multi-Dimensional Activation, Regeneration, and Restoration of Love. The Divine Plan as our Unlimited Potential in Human Form. Heaven on Earth, Just For Being! Light Activation Play-shops, Unify Tribes of the Golden Age. 


Rondell Gonzalez, Keeper of “ YA MA NA” Mayan Medicine Drum,

Crystal Divination, Animal Medicine, Mayan Medicine, Elementals, Ancestors Intuitive Readings. 907-252-4904

Camille Moritz, Revelator,

Akashic Soul Clearing, Tarot Readings, Ascended Masters, Angels, Ancestors Intuitive Readings. 907-299-5433

Melinda Polet,

Grandmother Thunder Eagle, Intuitive Kundalini Yoga, Body-work, Crystal Body Layouts,           Sound-Healing Sessions. 808-963-9536