I have combined my traditional education and human ser­vices expe­rience with my esoteric studies, alternative heal­ing talents, and information that is received from Spirit through personal guidance and channeling sessions. 

I believe that each person has a divine purpose for existence and is participating in a co-creative process with Spirit to find or explore this purpose. The co-creative process is both an individual and a collective process. Humans are creator beings whose overall purpose is to create Heaven on Earth. Each of us steps into our unique role as a co-creator by being our highest self on Earth. The first step in this process is to “Know thyself.”

Spirit and soul language is the language of symbols, myths, and visions. Often people choose to be born into a family or an environ­ment in which they can complete karmic work. Many of us have made past or current life agreements, contracts, or vows that keep us from living up to our current life potential. By being in touch with our inner or soul process, we can begin to unravel our own personal mysteries, move into awareness, and travel our unique path to source, nirvana, enlightenment, mastery, etc. It is from our divine or core self that we can once again feel connected to divine source and begin to fulfill our divine purpose in life.

Spiritual intuitive readings often validate an individual’s current process or experience. Readings can help people find and erase limiting soul con­tracts or vows, thereby helping them return to an empowered state of joy. Readings also can help indi­viduals get in touch with their guides, angels, and other spiritual help­ers. Often during readings, people are able to make contact with loved ones who have passed to the world of spirit. Individuals sometimes also explore past life experi­ences during readings, inte­grating these into present life experience.

In-Depth Transformational clearing sessions allow the individual to identify and remove any obstacle that would keep one from their fulfilling their Divine Purpose. These sessions identify the soul’s records and clears spiritual contracts or other energetics that would keep the soul bound to limitation.  Crystal Light Activation sessions, utilize vibrational healing tools to support and clear the multidimensional human body of limitations, thus freeing and restoring the fullness of health, vitality and freedom.  

This is a life journey of self-mastery and service to One Unified Love.  

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